At The Chapel

All the Whites – At The Chapel

Last weekend, Leslie and I went on a little adventure. It was a surprise for his 25th birthday, and I had hired an old MG for the day for us to go on a road trip trough the English countryside together. We would go all the way down, through as many forests as possible, to the Jurassic [...]
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Aman, Tokyo

It's been just over a month that we came back from Tokyo, and almost 2 months since that summer night at Aman. A perfect sunset. The interior lightened up in first a bright yellow, to change into a deep orange and finish with a blue hue when the sun eventually set. There were coffees, pre-dinner bites, and [...]
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Japanese Interior Crush

I have fallen for Japanese interiors. For all the minimalism, all the bamboo, all the emptiness. Traditionally, Japanese interior design was ruled by little daylight, lots of shadows, and naturally dark materials. However, these days whites and brightness seem to be as present. All come together in unknown aesthetic beauty, creating emptiness with what would normally fill spaces [...]
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Italian Summer Nights

I'm not in Italy, and I haven't been recently. There's also no plans to go any time soon, and actually summer is almost ending. However, there's memories. Memories of Italian Summer Nights - warm weather, a little breeze, lots of people talking and sitting around the table, big plates of fresh pasta, good wines. The sun [...]
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Two (Chocolate) Sweet Treats

The quickest, shortest post today. The weather is horrible, it's raining non stop - where did our summer go? I'm finishing up my thesis, only one more day until the deadline. I can't believe I'll be graduating soon. It's a bit stressful now, and a slightly bit scary. There's so many things going on at the moment, [...]
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Smoked beets, Pesto, Burrata, Peach, Dukkah

Whenever there is something with beets on the menu in a restaurant, I take it. It's also the easiest way to my heart on a personal level - beets, burrata, good quality olive oil, fresh herbs and a bottle of wine, and I'm yours. I don't know when it started, but over the years, these little ones have [...]
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