Summer Skincare w/ Rituals


There’s few things I love more than the beach and the ocean. Sand between my toes and swimming in a cold sea puts me at ease and makes me happy. And so I couldn’t be more excited that summer is here. The temperature has finally risen and we wake up to blue skies and sunny days ahead. The city awakens, and whenever possible, we all find ourselves outside, soaking up those precious rays of sunshine and enjoying this summer feeling while it lasts. I love to go out for picnics, to take day trips to the beach and to spend long, warm evenings with friends, blushing cheeks from the day-long sun, and sand everywhere included.

However, with this change of weather and the exposure to all that sunshine, sand and salt water, my skin screams for hydration. For cooling components, for refreshing clouds of little water drops.



As a lover of all things natural, pure and sustainable, I was excited that Rituals launched its new advanced natural skincare range that is all about the balance of respect for nature and respect for skin. The products are packed with high performing natural ingredients, all packaging is sustainable and it is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. They cover every skin type, with a general cleansing range Purify, and 4 key nourishing ranges; Glow, Ageless, Hydrate and Sensitive.


It is especially on those beloved beach days, that I notice my skin needs a gentle cleanser to get rid of all the sand and dirt, followed up by some light weight-hydration to restore and keep it all fresh and natural. The Velvety Smooth Cleansing Foam is the softest you can imagine. The Urban Hydrating Mist and Cooling Eye Lotion are a perfect match - both infused with Indian rose and holy lotus - they cool, nourish and hydrate, leaving my skin soft, subtle and elastic. 



Renee Kemps