Skagen Falster Smartwatch


I've always been clumsy - wanting to do too many things at the same time. I drop my phone way too often, try to hold as many things in my arms at once (and fail), bump into doors/walls/people, you name it. It's probably because I'm a bit all over the place in my head. With work now, I think about to-do lists, emails I need to check or respond to, text messages and calls I'm expecting all the time. I have my phone on hand, my laptop with me, and check these as often as possible in between meetings or cycling around/to those meetings. In other words, a little chaos.

But now that I got to try the new SKAGEN Falster Smartwatch, all the above goes a little easier. Tracking time, my calendar, and getting email and text/call notifications happens all on the go and so quickly in between all the other things you're doing. No need to have your phone in your hand constantly, or get your laptop out wherever you are, but you do know what's going on.

I hardly ever wear more than just a ring, and have never been a fan of a lot of accessories. I like to keep it simple and minimal, and if I do wear something it should be clean and go well with whatever I wear. I love how this smartwatch fits in here - it's clean, classic and cool. It's elegant, has a customizable screen design and you can choose how to set it up with notifications and even health tracking. Functionality meets minimalism, just how I like it. 

Renee Kemps