Sunshine & Cool Cars on My Mind


I've been putting this off for too long. Weeks, months now - sharing photos (and words) from my US road trip back in November. Perhaps I didn't know where to start. Whether to do it chronologically, or just a selection of the highlights. To put a lot of photos togehter, or divide everything in smaller, shorter posts and just go for it.
Decided on the latter.


After sharing the above photo on Instagram yesterday, I felt like I just had to start here. This is in Palm Springs - where there's sunshine and cool cars everywhere. It was towards the end of our trip, and really a warm, sunny, cool welcome after hundreds of kilometres on the road. 

We cycled around, enjoyed the sunshine, the architecture, the incredible Mexican food and millions of palm trees - obviously. Many good, relaxed memories from this place. Cool cars and incredible architecture to dream of, and hold on to - until a next visit.

Renee Kemps