Roasted Bone Broth Tomato & Bean Soup w/ Sourdough Bread


Yet again I find myself spending hours and hours going through cookbooks, websites and articles online while I have a huge to-do list waiting for me. I shouldn’t spend all these hours looking up hundreds of things without actually finding what I’m looking for, but I can’t help myself. Passion and obsession are so close to each other it’s kind of scary.

I’ve been into this baking sourdough bread for a while now, and I care about it a lot, maybe even too much. I’m pursuing the romantic image I have in my head – to some day have my own little sourdough bakery & cafe where the magic of amazing good bread goes together with everything fresh and seasonal straight from the land and the sea. Fresh, good, seasonal, mind blowing.

I find myself wide awake at 3am in the morning, scrolling through article after article because I can’t sleep and all I think of are the 4 loaves rising in my fridge. I truly want to understand every little bit of it, know what is happening, understand that art of baking sourdough bread. It feels like I’m obsessively putting a lot of time and energy in every little step, and yet it does not fully pay off – the perfectionistic me speaking. The loaves are good – the flavour is amazing, the crust is great, the colour is beautiful, the scoring gets prettier every time, and the crumb is actually fine, but I want those bubbles to be bigger. I want more air, more pockets, more shininess. And I’m so determined to get there.

Although it is quite frustrating, I love it at the same. I’m bringing loaves everywhere I go, asking feedback from everyone who bites into a slice. The feedback is amazing, everyone is so positive, so kind, and it gives me so much energy and warm feelings to see how I can share my love for bread like this with the people around me. That’s exactly what everything is about, and these moments put me back on my feet again. I realise it’s good already, that I do cherish the whole process, and that it is great to take people with me in my development. And, everything will only get even better. Babysteps, Renée.

Now those fresh, good(-for-you), straight from the land things. It’s the combination of pure flavours, from good ingredients. Simplicity and nutrition. Getting the best from everything: bone broth, which is super good for you, combined with fresh farm vegetables. Cosiness in a bowl never tasted so good. Especially not with a big slice of sourdough bread to dip with.

Renee Kemps