Slowing Down With Rituals


Over the past couple of months I've been struggling with having a healthy work-life balance. Work and traveling is fun and I love meeting so many new people and working wherever my job takes me, but it totally messes up the balance. Weeks are filled with appointments, shoot days, hours and hours of editing, flights, travel days and events - I'm never home regularly. 

I also have a hard time switching off from work. I'm always checking my email, editing a few more photos, thinking about new projects, or preparing next assignments. I go to bed thinking about my to-do list, running through my week schedule, or ticking off what I need to pack for a new shoot. I go to bed with a full head, a restless body. Which is definitely not the way it should be. 
So sometimes, I need to slow down.


Slowing down to me means pressing the pause button for all the above. And lately, I’ve been loving some skin-care products to do so. It feels so good to spend time on self-care and create a moment of relaxation. With a face mask, for instance, you simply can't rush. You really have to slow down - the whole process of applying and taking it off. Especially with a mud & charcoal mask like this one, which dries and cracks and requires some time (and is a lot of fun!).


What I love even more than face masks, are oils and serums. These are the ones that really make me relax because of the special ingredients and massaging movements. After showering (steaming) and cleansing my face, I'll have some relaxing serum or calming oil and massage my face for as long as it feels good - focusing on the temples, forehead and neck to relieve tension and stress. The movements and smell of white lotus and mint makes me really slow down for a moment, forget about the daily hustle, and get me ready for some sleep.

100% Natural Purifying Mud & Charcoal Mask
The Ritual of Dao Relaxing Serum
The Ritual of Dao Calming Body & Massaging Oil

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