Santa Clara 1728


I have lost my heart to Lisbon. This city, where I had never been up to 2 months ago, has impressed me enormously during my two short visits. The first time, I arrived in the Portugese heat – mid summer, sweaty, blue skies, full sunshine. The city is hilly, with beautiful old houses, many soft pastels, surprisingly lots of lush green and of course there’s amazing Portuguese food. I was sold, immediately. The second time, just a week ago, I was there for a quick shoot. It was still as summer-y, and still as lovely.

In Lisbon’s Old Quarter, Alfalma, there’s Santa Clara 1728 – a house of dreams. I walked in on my first day in Lisbon and totally fell in love. The apartments are stunning – they’re spacious, with minimalist design, soft falling curtains, light natural wooden floors, the most beautiful four poster bed, Scandinavian wooden chairs, and a marble bath and sinks. The light coming in from the windows on both sides, hitting all that soft coloured wood, makes the room a little pink-ish. The floors spread a sandalwood scent.

For my second visit, Santa Clara 1728 was our first shoot location. I couldn’t have been more excited to be back and to be at this beautiful house again, where you feel so at home. They bake fresh bread in the morning to wake you up, and bake you cake in the afternoon for some tea and sweets – it’s all about that warm feeling, being at home, stepping back from your busy day-to-day life and taking a moment to realise how good it feels. It is all about their concept of silent living – to be there, slow down, create memories, and take this home and keep it with you.

Renee Kemps