Keeping Sunlight & Shadows - Kvadrat's Washi Paper Curtains


I adore sunshine and shadows, open windows with summer breezes, and empty and minimalist spaces. Often, curtains do not fit in – they block the light, fill up a room, and shut all sunrays and shadows out. Thus, I’ve been living without them. However, now that I’m living in the city center of London, I see the difference between my childhood countryside home where curtains weren’t necessary and big cities with busy streets and houses that face only other houses. There’s a need for privacy, for shutting out the hectic outside, and for creating cosiness inside. Yet, I don’t want to lose the light and shadows.

Kvadrat’s ready Made Curtain by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec offers me the privacy, the cosiness and the option to shut out the hectic London life outside, yet they give me all the sunshine, shadows and minimalism I love. The washi paper is thin, light and blends in with the white walls, the white cord is almost invisible, and the wooden blocks add a little touch of minimalist Scandinavian design.

Bay windows are often difficult for curtains – there are no straight walls, the corners are difficult to cover, and there’s no space for elaborate systems to hang them from. But Kvadrat’s ready Made Curtain were easy. The two corners got a connecting piece, the ends the two main mechanisms, the cord was easily being pulled tight by winding the handles, and the fabric easily being put up by attaching pegs and simply hanging it onto the cord.

I still have all the light and shadows, but my living room is also prettier, cosier, and better suited for London life.

Renee Kemps