Atelier Day with Marie


It’s only been Christmas up until now – mid March – since I was home in Amsterdam, but things have changed so much these past few months. Specifically, my self perception, work, dreams, hopes. January and February were incredibly dark. I lost many things, yet I’m still living in London, I’m still meeting so many lovely people, and I’m still pushing myself to be creative, adventurous, interesting and kind. I’m back home for a couple of days, change and spring are finally here and I’m getting so exited for all the things to come.

Being back in Amsterdam means seeing friends, family, catching up and spending some (little) time together. I get all happy and careless, surrounding myself with these loving, caring and inspiring people, and often feel like don’t want to leave again. I plan my days carefully to try and see everyone, spend some precious time with my sister, brother and parents, and meet as many new creatives as I possibly can in between.

Last Saturday, I was finally together again with my friend Marie. She has this new, amazing atelier in an old school building in the centre of the city, where she’s making and creating so many things that make my heart beat a little faster. Table settings like this one – white, minimalist, clean, yet soft and cosy – are my favourite, and hers. We spent our day together in this creative space catching up, making waffles, eating sourdough bread, and taking photos – the day wasn’t long enough, it never is.

The recipe for our waffles can be found here.
*We added poppy seeds for a fun twist, and topped them with powdered sugar, a little honey, strawberries, blueberries and red currants.

Renee Kemps