Announcing -- Food & Lifestyle Photography Workshop Florence, Italy October 2017


Only a couple of days ago, I was in Lisbon to meet up with my friend Sanda (from Little Upside Down Cake) to prepare for the workshop we will be teaching together in Florence in October. Think misty mornings, autumn sunshine, incredible Italian ingredients and dishes, making pasta, olive branches, pretty little streets, cosy days, long dinners and lots of photography – needless to say we are super excited, and would love to have you there with us.

Sanda and I both love food and travel photography, white and clean images, messy plates with swirls of yogurt and juices from squeezed berries, pastel colours and light ceramics, and picnics.

It will be the two of us for just a small group of students, to make sure we can focus on those one-on-one sessions, and many hands on practices. With us, we will have Emiko Davies, who will cook us the most amazing food (have you seen her newest, second cookbook Acquacotta? Love!), and Marina Denisova, who is an amazing organiser and photographer herself too.

We can’t wait to be there, spend many hours at the table, eat amazing food, play around with food styling, take a million photos, walk the streets of Florence, meet local makers and connect over the love for food and photography with everyone there.



Florence, Italy
October 16th-20th, 2017
Sanda Vuckovic & Renée Kemps


– 3 days & 4 nights accommodation at Numeroventi;
– All meals during the workshop (welcome snacks & drinks, 4 dinners, 3 lunches, 4 breakfasts, snacks & refreshments during the workshop);
– 3 full days of food and lifestyle photography, lectures, one on one sessions, classes, hands on, post processing
– All activities and excursions

– Visiting local Food Market and Gardens
– Florence City Tour
– Visiting + Documenting local Makers
– Making fresh Pasta
– Styling a Roof Terrace Picnic

Airfare and/or Transportation to & from the workshop

Numeroventi is a guesthouse, exhibition space and artistic residence. Designed by Andrew Trotter, editor of Openhouse Magazine, it is located in the very heart of Florence, inside the historic Palazzo Galli Tassi built in 1510. Clean and simple, yet warm and inviting, Numeroventi has become a landmark for creatives from all over the world.

Emiko Davies is a Florence-based Australian food writer, photographer and cook. Tuscan capital has been her home for 11 years. Passionate about traditional italian cuisine she is the author of two cookbooks (Florentine: The True Cuisine of Florence and Acquacotta). She also writes a regular column for Food52 and has written extensively for The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Jamie Oliver Magazine and more.

Marina Denisova, is a Florence-based photographer. Originally Russian, she moved to Florence 7 years ago and started to develop her career as a professional photographer. Today she shoots a variety of material including interior, food, travel and lifestyle for local and international publications and brands.

Due to planning logistics, there will be no refunds for this workshop.

For reservations, please contact us at

Renee Kemps