An Escape to Quiet and Beauty — Masseria Moroseta


It’s been a week since I came back from Puglia, Italy. From Masseria Moroseto. From blue skies and Italian sunshine.

I’m back in rainy London, where the February cold hits me hard and makes me long for this place that I have just left, or spring and summer in general. February in Italy isn’t that bad. Although it’s colder than you think it is, the sun’s out and spring seems to be so close – birds are singing, the first blossoms are there, swimming in turquoise pools doesn’t even seem to be that bad of an idea.

Masseria Moroseta is a modern country house in the middle of olive tree fields, with ocean views and sunsets over the white city Ostuni. The house is like a white oasis in never ending green fields. The perfect place to submerge yourself in nothing but quietness and beauty.

Although it was a work trip, it was a very welcome escape from hectic London. It’s been difficult the past few months, and it feels like I have lost myself a little on the way. Breathing in the fresh air, walking though olive tree fields with beautiful sunsets, and dipping my toes into an ice cold February swimming pool has treated me well. This was the place for quietness and beauty, to get ready again for the struggle here.

Renee Kemps