Buratta & Beets / Renee Kemps

Smoked beets, Pesto, Burrata, Peach, Dukkah

Whenever there is something with beets on the menu in a restaurant, I take it. It's also the easiest way to my heart on a personal level - beets, burrata, good quality olive oil, fresh herbs and a bottle of wine, and I'm yours. I don't know when it started, but over the years, these little ones have [...]
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Sourdough Spelt Pizza with Mascarpone, Ricotta, shredded Burrata and Fresh Herbs

My mind is filled with dozens of stories, little pieces from other people’s lives, photos of places where I’ve never been and recipes of food I’ve never tasted. I’ve spent hours and hours reading blogposts, scrolling through the most beautiful photos, the most delicious looking food out there. I’ve missed it. A lot. It has […]

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