Recap – Food & Lifestyle Photography Workshop at Numeroventi in Florence, Italy

Although this feels so far away already (because, roadtrip on the other side of the world), it was just a month ago. Together with Sanda, I hosted the workshop food & lifestyle photography at Numeroventi in Florence, Italy. It was 4 days filled with practice, Florence explorations, gelatos and the best food we could have ever wished for made [...]
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India - Renee Kemps

Shadows in Bed – B&W Series

Shot when summer was about to start, when rain wasn't falling like it does now that it's September. Instead, London was full of Spring, warm rays of sunshine, people adoring this change of the weather. The warmth and brightness was so welcome. Shot in our old apartment, where rays of sunshine would fall through our bedroom [...]
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Renee Kemps / Santa Clara 1728

Santa Clara 1728

I have lost my heart to Lisbon. This city, where I had never been up to 2 months ago, has impressed me enormously during my two short visits. The first time, I arrived in the Portugese heat - mid summer, sweaty, blue skies, full sunshine. The city is hilly, with beautiful old houses, many soft [...]
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Stockholm Shoot / Renee Kemps

Shoot in Stockholm

I had the pleasure to spend one of the first spring weekends in Stockholm, shooting dishes for Michelin star restaurant Operakällaren, by NOBIS. There was sunshine and blue skies, a little cold breeze and everybody seemed to adore the warmth after the cold winter. During the day, we shot dish after dish - each one [...]
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Atelier / Renee Kemps

Atelier Day with Marie

It's only been Christmas up until now - mid March - since I was home in Amsterdam, but things have changed so much these past few months. Specifically, my self perception, work, dreams, hopes. January and February were incredibly dark. I lost many things, yet I'm still living in London, I'm still meeting so many lovely people, [...]
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