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Although I shot these photos a couple months ago, I still feel like sharing it here now. Over the past few months (or actually already before I went to Japan), I became drawn to a different kind of photography – as in non-food related. Something with people, more arty, maybe even something more challenging – or rather unknown. Now, a couple of moths later and a few shoots further, things have not really changed. I still have that feeling; that I want to photograph more, different, new things. Yet, it’s difficult. I want to walk around with my camera and capture everything I see, but there’s just no time to do so. I want to put people in bright sunshine, in shadows, outside and in studios and try a million things out, but it’s just difficult to get these people around me. I want to experience bright, sunny landscapes, heavy rainfall, snow storms, fog, but I can’t seem to find the time to get out of here. There’s so much to discover.

So, this being my first post in 2017, I think it’s a great way to start actually doing what I’m longing for – the combination photography of all things beautiful and inspiring, interesting and unknown.


Technical apparel for real life. A dream combination of high quality clothing and perfect fits. It is for people who love comfort and movement at the same time; who love to wear pretty pieces all day long, whatever they do, and do that over and over again. The softest fabrics and body hugging pieces, which will stay as soft and comfortable after every wash.

GO FOR IT – By Kit and Ace
Reach the top shelf without untucking your shirt.
Go straight from napping on the flight to closing the deal.
Lounge, lunge or lunch – all in the same outfit.
Run for the bus, miss it, and run the rest of the way home.
Use the drop handlebars on your bike commute (it’s okay, your armpit seams will be fine).
Drop a squat… to change a tire.
Pull your sleeves up, and put them down again (they won’t lose their shape).
Powerwalk in a pencil skirt.
Never, ever interrupt your day to change your clothes.

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