Aesop + film

Aesop has been one of my favourite brands for a long time. I remember walking into one of their shops for the first time, into a cloud of unknown scents, and now knowing where to look. All their bottles and other products were lined up on shelves, the floor had these beautiful tiles, the sink had dozens of testers of all the products you could try out, and I was welcomed by sweet people who – before I knew it – were massaging some parsley oil into my hand to feel what the texture was like. I was sold, obviously.

Fast forward to today and my favourite product to use is the Aesop Grapefruit Body Balm. Somehow it takes me back home, to comfort, to my childhood, to life running around outside. It reminds me of sitting at the table after playing outside, the doors open, it’s summer and the breeze comes it, eating grapefruits with brother and sisters and feeling incredibly happy and careless.

Especially with Christmas around the corner, there’s nothing I rather have than amazing products and happy memories of home. We got to unpack an Aesop Gift Kit and were thrilled to do so now that our studio space is ready. It was perfect little pre Christmas gift for Rye – where Aesop and our Nordic space come together beautifully.

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