Originally, I started this post with: “Hello from 30.000 feet up in the air!”. I was flying to London, to spend a couple of days with my boyfriend. He lives there and we see each other once a month. It was my turn this time, so there I was, rushing to the airport from work, spending the loveliest weekend with him, kissing him goodbye again and rushing back to Copenhagen for work early the next day. These weekends are like little trips – we sleep in, we have or make the best brunches, we walk around all day, we go to museums or galleries, we meet up with friends, we cook special dinners together, we play games, and talk for hours. They’re my favourite.

It’s becoming a habbit to write new blog posts while on the road/up in the air. The latest blog posts were written while in Iceland and in Switzerland. This one will be London. A couple more in Copenhagen, hopefully. I don’t know if it’s because of my planning – not being able to find the time to edit and write while at home – or because of all the trips I’ve been making lately – probably the latter.

Exactly a month ago, I was in Iceland. Driving around on never ending icy roads, looking at jaw dropping moon landscapes. The sun would rise at 11.30am, and would set shortly after 3pm – there was so little daylight. My friend and I would drive around every day, starting in the dark and ending in the dark. We would drive as far as we could to have the best views when the sun would be out. The temperatures dropped to -14C. It was too cold to stay outside for more than 15 minutes, even with our winter coats, furry gloves, thick scarfs and soft beanies. We would jump out of the car, walk around, look at everything, absorb everything, and run back to the car again. We would jump inside, struggle with taking all those clothes off, turn the seat heating on maximum, and look at each other and smile. We would lean back, press ourselves into that warmness and stare out of the windows. We couldn’t find the words to say how incredibly beautiful it was what we just saw. We tried – stumbling and repeating all the words which could possibly capture it, but they wouldn’t do justice.

It was a life-changing trip. Not only because of that view, which has never been more beautiful in my life, but because of everything – the experience, the coldness, the cosines with the two of us, the excitement, the adventure. It fits perfectly in my Copenhagen-time, which has been simply amazing, interesting, changing and shaping, and has meant more to me than I ever could have imagined.



Reykjavik Roasters – The prettiest (and best) coffees in town.
Mock-Kaffi – Waffles and hot chocolate.
Sea Coast Road
Geothermal bakery Laugarvatn
Geothermal baths
All the waterfalls – of course. (Like Gullfoss, Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss)
Sólheimasandur US Plane Crash Wreckage
Black Sand Beach Vik

Local farms – when summer/spring

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